Security of Iraq, Region, and the Strategy Environment

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Republic of Iraq

National Security Council

National Security Advisory

The First Scientific Conference in 2012 of  Al-Nahrain Center

for Strategy Studies

Security of Iraq, Region, and the Strategy Environment

The Definition of Conference

  1. Under the motto of The Security of Iraq, Region, and Strategy Environment, the National Security Advisory organizes its first scientific conference for the period from 17 to 19 June 2012, through which the Advisory seeks to communicate directly with researchers and who are interested in this matter, also enriching scientific and knowledge side, and increasing in exchanging internal and external experiences.
  2. Holding the conference comes along with opening Al -Nahrain Center for Strategy Studies (which is an independent center from Iraqi environment looking forward to contribute effectively in insuring Iraqi national security through scientific research (theoretical and applicable), interacting with specialist researchers from inside and outside Iraq, and enriching strategic thinking at the local, regional, and international level. Putting all the center’s experiences and abilities under  the command of  decision makers whether in general, or  special sector or civil society through reaching the analyses, conclusions, and objective recommendations that help in finding appropriate and affective solutions to all problems and cases).



The Conference Targets:

  1. The conference seeks to provide the opportunity for the researchers and who are interested to meet and discuss the (Security of Iraq, Region and Strategy Environment) through the following objectives :-

A-Encouraging and enhancing the researchers (local, regional, and international) in fields of strategy environment studies to support national security with its comprehensive concept.

B- Encouraging interacting between ministries and country’s institutions in field of (stability of Iraq and strategy national environment, regionally and locally).

C- Keeping interacting and experts’ exchanging with researchers and strategy studies’ centers (Arabic, and Foreign ones).


The Conference Venue:

AlNahrain Center for Strategy Studies – Baghdad


Hotels and Transportations

Special hotels should be determined for the registered and invited persons to attend the conference. Hotels are prefered to be near the place of holding conference  (putting pictuer of hotel, telephone numbers, and e-mail address) – (to be determined by The National Security Advisory).



Appropriate transportation should be preapered according to the significance of registered and invited persons to attend the conference (to be determined by The National Security Advisory).


Conference Activities

The most significant activities are:

  • The scientific session.
  • Conclusions and recommendations of conference.
  • Summary of scientific sessions by sessions’ reporters.
  • Media coverage of the conference.
  • The closing statement.
  • Press conference (to be determined by NSA from beginning to the end of the conference).
  • Documents and printings (all researches should be collected in brief and publishing one under the name of conference to be distributed to all participants later).

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